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Microblading Specialist. HD Brow Master Stylist. LVL Lash Perfectionist.

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High Definition Brows

30 minutes  ♥ £33

HD brow is a 7 step process to creating your bespoke brow, resulting in thicker, fuller, and more defined brows. HD brow specialises in shaping the brows to suit your facial features.

Brow Lamination

45 minutes  ♥ £44

Also known as a ’Brow Perm’ or ’The Fluffy Brow’, with Brow Lamination the hairs are straightened and fixed into the desired shape. The results will give you thicker, fuller, brushed up brows that last 6-8 weeks. The process includes brow lamination, tint, wax and thread, so they are shaped and designed to frame your face perfectly.

BB Brow

45 minutes  ♥ £44

Beautiful Bold Brows is exactly like a Classic Brow but uses a hybrid tint. The tint stains the skin and lasts up to 10 days, and up to 6 weeks on the hairs. Perfect for long lasting brows without any pencil.If you have gaps, uneven brows or would like them to look a lot fuller, then this treatment is for you.

HD Brow Lightening

45 minutes  ♥ £35

We change our hair colour and style so often these days, which means your eyebrows need to change too. With the lightening treatment, you can achieve a full blonde brow to match your beautiful blonde hair or perfect if you need to lighten them slightly to lift the colour.


The Microblading process consists of 3 appointments in total.

A £50 deposit is taken on your first appointment, however, if you decide against Microblading at this time, then you only pay £30 for your HD Brows.

Your 2nd appointment will either be £170 or £220 depending on your choice of treatment and your last appointment, which is your final top-up, will cost £30.

The prices below are the total cost of each treatment.

Microblading Hairstrokes

2 hours  ♥ £270

Achieve beautiful natural looking brows that last all year round. The shape is mapped out and designed to the correct proportion to your face and facial features. We will both decide on the colour pigment or you that will compliment your skin tone and hair colour. Your new and improved brows will frame your face beautifully leaving you feeling confident even without makeup.

Powder Brow / Ombre Brow

2 hours  ♥ £300

Ombre brow creates a powder effect that gives a fuller, thicker more glamorous look. It is dark at the tail of the brow and fades lighter towards the front of your brow. Great for a full, glamorous look.

Powder Brow is using the same technique but slightly softer. This is ideal if you have a good shape already, but they are sparse or you have fine hair. Your Shape will appear more defined and the overall look will be natural but full.

Blade and Shade

3 hours  ♥ £300

The ultimate bespoke brow. Blade and shade uses, both hair-stroke and powder technique. Using both these methods we can design your brows tailored and shaped just for you.

This is great if you have; Big gaps, thick coarse hair, if you want a fuller brow, oily skin, scars, or if you need to blend real hair and Microblading strokes together to make it look more natural.



3 – 6 Month Colour Boost

1 hour ♥ £100 – £130

During this appointment, I will go over every hair stroke creating perfectly crisp lines. Shading can also be added to create more fullness and thickness. Prices depend on how much work needs doing and which method you choose.


6 Month to 2 Years Colour Boost

2 hours 30 minutes ♥ £150 – £200

Freshen up your brows with an annual colour boost. During this appointment, I will go over every hair stroke creating perfectly crisp lines. Shading can also be added to create more fullness and thickness. Prices depend on how much work needs doing, as well as which method you choose.

Lip Blush

6 Month to 2 Years Colour Boost

2 hours 30 minutes ♥ 200


LVL Lashes – Nouveau

1 hour  ♥ £44

LIFT, VOLUME and LENGTH. This treatment is all in the name. If you want to wake up with naturally beautiful lashes LVL is the perfect treatment for you. Very low maintenance and lasts up to 12 weeks.


Lip Blush

2- 3 hours  ♥ £300

Lip Blush is a semi-permanent tattoo that creates a soft and subtle blush all over the lip. Your lips look more defined, symmetrical, plumper, fuller and can even cover up scars so we can create the perfect shape.
A 6 week top-up is needed to perfect the results.


Natural Beauty Package

1 hour  15 minutes ♥ £63

Enhance your natural beauty with these stunning beauty treatments that make you look ‘done up’ even without makeup. Enjoy an hour nap in a comfy cosy beauty room and wake up with long dark curly lashes and perfect even brows.

LYB Beauty Package

1.5 hours ♥ £70

The perfect duo to give you that effortless but glamourous look. Both of these treatment are very Low maintenance and designed for the busy lady who still wants to look her best!

Aftercare – After keeping them dry for the first 48hrs, they both need to be kept conditioned with a lash & Brow serum. Make-up can be applied and removed as normal. 

Lash and Brow Boost

 30 minutes ♥ £30

Once you have had a lash lift and/or Lamination, you might find that after 4-5 weeks the tint has gone and the hairs are slightly dry (especially if you don’t follow the aftercare and apply a serum daily).

This treatment is perfect for an in-between appointment to revamp your lashes and brows. Starting with a tint to make them pop, followed by a hair Botox for 15min. The Botox solution is full of nourishing ingredients to bring the hairs back to life, so your lamination and lash lift looks fresh for another 4-6 weeks.