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Microblading Course Location – New Oscott, Birmingham

Microblading Course Birmingham

Are you ready to change your life? Because once you become a great Microblading artist your life won’t be the same.

Hi, I’m Lianne, an ex-professional dancer with qualifications in performing arts. Yes, I had a fab career throughout my 20s but that industry has a short life span, unfortunately. I couldn’t see myself getting an office job (that’s even if I was employable), and if I did, I knew nothing would give me the freedom and money that wanted unless I worked for myself.

Luckily, I had found a passion for eyebrows alongside my dance contracts, so I put all my spare time and effort into becoming a perfectionist at it. On the tour bus, I would be designing my logos, doing online business coaching, practising on the dancers, and most of all visualising what my next chapter would look like. And here we are, teaching others to do the same, and I love it! But less of me and let’s get back to you.

Something has made you read this far, and I bet you have been thinking about this for a long time but your doubts and fears and the ‘not knowing how’ has always stopped you?! Yep, been there and it’s really common. But if I can do it, you absolutely can and more.

Lianne Microblading Course Instructor Birmingham

Why choose LYB? 

The semi-permanent makeup industry has evolved dramatically over the years with unbelievable amounts of research into pigment science and colour theory. All of this knowledge has helped us choose the best pigment for each skin type.

Along with that and the variety of high-quality blades, artists can create detailed realistic hair strokes resulting in perfect natural brows. Love Your Brows is known for perfect shaping and symmetry. You will learn how to accurately ‘map’ out the brow using the Golden ratio. The golden ratio also means ‘perfect proportion’.

Focusing on the client’s face shape and facial features, you will be able to confidently design brow shapes for each individual client to flatter their facial features. Although it seems like there is a lot to learn when it comes to Microblading, the way this course has been broken down and simplified, will completely make sense and flow into each step. Being a visual and creative person, the course is full of practical experiments and tasks to ensure you have understood and picked up each skill.

How Will the Microblading Course Run

Our Academy Delivers the Course over Two Days. 

Before your two-day practical day, you must complete a few theory modules online via the online Academy. Each module will have a video and written explanation that you can follow in your training manual. It’s straightforward to follow, and each video is only a few minutes long. You will receive a kit with all the necessary equipment for the tasks.

The modules are only 2-3 hours long; however, repeating and practising some of these modules will benefit your overall learning.

Day One

What is Microblading?

You will learn what Microblading is and how it works, who can have the treatment and how it can benefit various clients for many reasons.

Hygiene and safety/PPE

Microblading is essentially needlework that pierces the skin. In some cases, clients can bleed slightly, which is why strict and thorough Hygiene and safety must be followed. From sterilising your station and equipment to removing and disposing of needles and PPE, you will feel confident that your client and yourself are safe from infection and cross-contamination.


In this section, we will discuss what medication affects the healed results in the short and long term and other health issues that might impact the treatment. You will also learn how to advise your clients on what brow style is best for them.  There are downloadable consultation forms for students to print and use anytime.

Skin type/ undertone/ overtone

This module is very detailed and dives into the importance of identifying the Fitzpatrick, hue, and undertone of the skin for a perfect colour match that lasts. This colour theory section will involve lots of fun, practical tasks with paints, colour wheels, and quizzes to ensure you understand the module clearly.

Pigment Science

You will learn the difference between organic and inorganic pigments and how to choose the appropriate pigment for each client. We will also dig deep into colour theory within pigments and how to identify the elements in the pigments (ink) so you can correctly choose the perfect colour and undertone to match the client’s skin tones.

Micro Blade Needles

There are many variations of needles to choose from; you will learn how to use and select the correct needles for different results. During this module, you will also get a feel of the blades on the practice pads for accurate positioning and pressure. (more on this in the hairstroke section).


1-hour lunch before the second part of day one. Food is provided unless you have extreme dietary requirements.

Mapping the Brow

You will learn how to create the perfect shape for your client’s face shape and facial features by following a straightforward step-by-step process. First, you will know how to use the ‘golden ratio’ ruler and then transfer your knowledge to a live model. This section is fun; you will go from making a mess to perfection quickly. I love seeing this improvement as the tasks go on.


Hairstroke patterns vary and mainly depend on the client’s natural direction on their brows. In the beginner microblading course, you will learn a classic hairstyle pattern that can be applied to almost every brow. Depending on your confidence, we can advance into more textured hairstroke patterns. This is done on skin like practice pads-matts.

Learn Brow Mapping with Our Training Academy

Day Two

Practice Mapping

Shaping and mapping the brows is one of the most crucial steps to beautiful microblading results. That’s why you will spend more time practising drawing on the brows of different faces on worksheets and on me so you can try different tools to see what you prefer and find a comfy angle to work in.

Recap hairstrokes

Again, this is crucial in creating symmetrical, neat, realistic results. You will practice the angle of the tool and needles and the correct position on your body for easier gliding; you will also practice the direction of the hair strokes, keeping even gaps in between hair strokes and finding the correct pressure.

Live demonstration

You will be shown a live demonstration from the set-up and consultation to the end of the treatment, where I will show you how to take great pictures, explain the aftercare to the client, and remove and tidy up the PPE and equipment safely. You can take as many videos and photos and take as many notes as you wish. This will be your time to observe and ask questions.


1-hour lunch before the second part of day one. Food is provided unless you have extreme dietary requirements.

Model One

Now, it’s time to put all your education into practice. This is your first time, and I will be guiding you every step of the way. It can initially feel scary, but my job is to ensure you feel relaxed and confident. I will also take pictures and videos for you to use as content for your new business.

We will take a 10-minute break to rest, reflect and hydrate before model two.

Model Two

It is the same process as model one, with less guidance from me. I will still be watching your every move, and you can ask as many questions as you like, but this is your chance to think for yourself and find a flow.


Based on your two models, we will discuss what areas you feel confident in and where you need more practice. I will review each step and give you feedback on what to improve, for example, “Your mapping is good, but make your outline thinner and neater to help you see the shape”.


After the assessment, we have some time to discuss and practice any areas you feel you want to recap. This can be as simple as talking through the order of the process to help you keep a flow, or it can be some extra time to practice hair strokes or understand colour theory. This section is for you to feel confident before leaving.

Microblading Course Includes Demonstrations on Models

Running a Microblading Business

Now you know more about the actual course, let’s talk business, starting with let’s some figures to see your potential earnings.

I won’t go into detail on how to grow your business here, that will all be revealed in the free E-book on ‘how to start your business’. The Ebook is to help you get started strong in terms of creating a brand, attracting your perfect clients and keeping them for life.

Microblading-Earning-Potential LYB

Microblading Course Theory

Before your two-day practical day, all modules must be completed on the online Academy. Every module will be repeated on a practical day, however, my main focus as a teacher is to give you as much time on the practical skills. The theory can be read over again and again in your own time in your training manual. This will be your brow bible that you should always refer back to. Once the course is completed you must send in 5 case studies before you can officially be qualified. You are always welcome to ask me anything during this time and continuous support going forward.

Microblading course faqs


This course is a beginner’s Microblading course and no previous experience is needed.


The course is a 2-day intense course and all courses are 1-2-1. There are online modules to complete before your practical day via the online Academy. Although this isn’t an online course, knowing as much theory beforehand will give you more time to focus on the practical. The day starts from 9 am to 4 pm depending on how the day goes.


There are 2 models provided by LYB throughout the day. You won’t need to bring your own models unless you want to.


Yes! A full kit is included, Pigments, blades, step by step guides and manuals, and everything you need to start your new career.


The course is £2000 including the kit, plus a free Ebook on how to grow your business and access to the online Academy.


The LYB beginners Microblading course is accredited and insured by ABT. Once you complete the course you can insure yourself/your business with the accredited certificate.


You will have access to the online Academy to recap videos from each module. You can never recap enough when it comes to Microblading. If, for some reason, your manual gets lost or damaged, there is a link to download it at any time. There is also a consultation form that you can download and print. I highly recommend designing your own with your logo, but until then, please feel free to use the LYB forms.

Once the two-day course is complete, you can contact me anytime regarding all thing’s brows and business via WhatsApp. If you feel you still lack confidence in an area of the treatment after your case studies, you can book a complimentary half-day training session. This must be booked within two months of your initial training date.
Once the course is complete and you are all set up, your next step is to build your brand, get your business flowing smoothly, and get clients booked in regularly. This part should be fun and very exciting for you.
You will receive a FREE EBOOK packed with juicy information on how to start your brow business like a pro. Avoid all the mistakes people make and the unanswered questions that might stop you from putting yourself out there.

Each section will help you create and develop a clear brand identity by giving you questions and tasks to get the creative mind flowing.

The eBook includes: 
Branding – You will decide on your brand colours, brainstorm some logo ideas, and really dive deep into the brand feeling and atmosphere you want to create.

Marketing – From social media to networking events, you will have a notebook full of ideas and hopefully a to-do-list for your business.

Customer Care – The little details matter and will keep your clients returning while spreading the word of your amazing services. This is by far the best way to build a solid business.

Mind-set – You will learn some essential habits that will manifest your business to success. You can do anything if you believe you can and take the correct action. You will also learn the importance of finding inspiration and staying consistent with your daily tasks, which will build you a solid business.

Goal setting – This section will ask you questions that will force you to set and break goals down. This is essential to growing a business without getting distracted and staying focused. This part should make you feel so excited and motivated to get up and go every day.




A £10 gift voucher is included for the garden room where there is a range of food including a vegan and gluten free menu. It is located 5-minute drive from the studio. If you don’t drive then lunch can be arranged for you.


Once you have completed your two-day Microblading course, you must send in 3 – 5 case studies showing your work from 3 angles at three stages of the treatment. Videos are even better for me to see your work and help you improve more and more each time.

Booking time for your case studies close to your course is a must so all your information is fresh and you feel confident. The more time you leave your case studies, the harder it will be. I recommend having at least two friends or family members booked in before you start the course.

When you leave the course, you will be sent a course completion certificate allowing you to perform the treatment on models. Once your case studies have been completed, you will receive your certified certificate accredited by ABT.

You can then insure and register your business and perform the treatment professionally.

What qualifications do I need to do microblading UK?

You don’t need any previous experience or have any qualifications before enrolling on a Microblading course. Ensure the course that you choose is registered and accredited by an awarding body. At Love Your Brows, all courses are accredited and ensured by ABT.

Can I learn microblading on my own?

Learning microblading on your own can be highly challenging and is not recommended due to several important reasons:

1. Technical Skill and Precision: Microblading requires a high level of precision and skill to create natural-looking eyebrows. Professional training ensures you learn the correct techniques to achieve the desired results without causing harm.

2. Understanding Skin Anatomy: Proper training includes understanding skin anatomy, which is crucial to avoid damaging the skin or causing infections. Self-learning may overlook these critical aspects, leading to potential complications.

3. Health and Safety Regulations: Professional microblading training covers health and safety regulations, including sterilisation and sanitation practices. Adhering to these standards is essential to prevent the spread of infections and ensure client safety.

4. Use of Professional Equipment: Microblading involves the use of specialised tools and pigments. Professional courses teach you how to properly handle and maintain this equipment, which is not typically covered in self-learning resources.

5. Supervised Practice: Training programs provide supervised practice sessions where you can hone your skills under the guidance of experienced professionals. This hands-on experience is invaluable and cannot be replicated through self-study.

6. Certification and Credibility: Completing a certified microblading course not only enhances your skills but also boosts your credibility with clients. Certification demonstrates that you have met industry standards and are qualified to perform microblading safely and effectively.

7. Ongoing Support and Updates: Professional courses often offer ongoing support and updates on the latest techniques and trends in microblading. This continuous learning is vital to stay current in a rapidly evolving industry.

Attempting to learn microblading on your own can lead to poor results, dissatisfied clients, and potential health risks. Investing in professional training ensures you gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and certification to provide safe and high-quality microblading services.