Lip Blush

Lip Blush treatment in Birmingham for a more defined, symmetrical, plumper lip. A semi-permanent tattoo that creates a soft and subtle blush all over the lip.

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Lip Blush Treatment Birmingham

How easy would life be if you didn’t have to re-apply your lipstick every day? Or after every meal or your favourite beverage? How annoying is it when you talk to somebody but you are paranoid that you have lipstick on your teeth?

Well, how would you feel if I told you I have a smudge-proof, waterproof, snog-proof treatment that lasts up to 3 years?

Yes, you already know, it’s LIP BLUSH.

lip blush treatment birmingham

Semi-permanent Lip Blush Tattoo Birmingham

Lip Blush is a semi-permanent tattoo that creates a soft and subtle blush all over the lip. Your lips look more defined, symmetrical, plumper, and fuller and can even cover up scars so we can create the perfect shape.

The overall look is very subtle which is when we will match the pigment to your natural lip, or you can choose to go for a more vibrant look. Just bring your favourite lippy so we can match it on the day.
The treatment takes between 2-3 hours and a 6-week top-up is included. The top-up is to make sure they are perfect and the colour has healed nicely.

brow lamination birmingham
brow lamination birmingham
Lip Blush Birmingham
Lip Blush

Lip Blush Faqs

Does Lip Blush hurt?

It can be uncomfortable but totally tolerable. Numbing cream is applied before and during the process. This may vary depending on the individual’s pain tolerance and menstrual cycle.

How long does Lip Blush take?

There are several stages which include; numbing, outlining the lips, and the actual process of Tattooing. This usually takes roughly 2-3 hrs.

What colours are available for Lip Blush?

A wide range of tones in the pink, coral, and red families are available to create a customised shade. This will be determined with your artist (myself) prior to beginning. It can be as natural or as bright as you like.

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What happens after Lip Blush?

Like any tattoo, you will experience slight swelling and tenderness for the first few hours but this will soon calm down. The colour may seem brighter in the first few days but the colour will settle in the healing process.

Is there downtime for Lip Blush?

The healing process for Lip Blush takes approximately 3-5 days. In that time you may experience some dryness and texture until the lips naturally exfoliate themselves. An aftercare pack will contain a balm that must be applied every day to help them heal.

How much does Lip Blush cost?

Lip Blush treatment cost is £300

Are there any reasons why I may be ineligible for Lip Blush?

You must be 18+ to receive a service at LYB Beauty.

As a safety precaution, we refrain from working on individuals who are pregnant or nursing.

If you suffer from cold sores then you will need to take a course of tablets a few days prior to your appointment. I will send you a link to order online.

If you’ve received lip filler you must wait a minimum of 1 month before receiving your session.

How long does Lip Blush last?

Approximately 2-3 years after you’ve received your touch-up. Skin type and lifestyle can affect the longevity of your cosmetic tattoo – a colour boot might be needed yearly if you choose a light colour, or if you use strong skincare products or are exposed to the sun regularly.

Can they be over drawn on?

Yes, they can be slightly overdrawn, however, lip blush can only be tattooed on a certain type of skin on and around the lip, so we are limited. Over time the outline of your natural lip can go pale and fade into a whiter colour, leaving them looking thinner and less plum which is due to ageing, sun damage, and filler. We can define and boost this area with colour to give the illusion of plumper lips.

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Lip Blush Treatment Time  – 2- 3 Hours