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What are HD Brows?

HD Brows are so much more than a basic wax and tint. We believe that brows are as individual as fingerprints, which is why every step of a HD Brow treatment is tailored and suited just for you.

Starting with a full consultation; tint colour match, ‘mapping’ out the brow, bespoke shaping with wax and thread, followed by overall grooming and trimming.

Finally your brows will be pencilled or powered in to your desired overall look with HD Brows award winning products.

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How Long Does It Last?

The effects usually last between 4-6 weeks, however, this can vary depending on hair growth. After your first treatment, I can recommend how often you should be having them done.

I Have Sparse Brows, Will I Benefit from HD Brows?

Yes, I believe everybody will benefit from HD Brows. The tint will pick up all the little hairs that you didn’t know you had and the crisp lines created by the wax will create high definition and the illusion of a thicker brow.

I will work with you on a re-growth programme to achieve your desired shape. In the mean-time, I will teach you how to draw them on until your hairs start to grow through.

If after a few appointments you aren’t seeing any re-growth, or you still have big gaps, I will highly recommend microblading.

How Long Does the Treatment take?

A full HD Brow takes 45 minutes, this includes your full consultation, makeup lesson on how to fill them in plus your aftercare information. For my regular clients who need regular grooming, I offer an Express Brow that takes 15minutes.

How Old Do You Have to Be?

I have clients from the age of 13- 92. If you are under 16 you can’t have your brows tinted – don’t worry. You can still have the treatment done from the age of 13 (with your parental consent of course), however, we will just need to skip the tinting stage.


The shape of your brow can either define or soften certain facial features.

If you have a round face, and your cheekbones and jawline is not as defined as Angelina Jolie, then you would suit a more structured brow with high definition with a nice obvious arch. This will create more structure to your face.


The colour of your brows is also very important and can make a huge difference to your overall look.

You can still have full, thick brows while keeping them very soft and natural. From lightening to Tinting, to Microblading and shading, there’re are endless amounts of tints and pigments that can be blended and tailored for your skin tone and hair colour.


Last but not least, the overall look and grooming!

With an up-brushed brow, to a full powder brow, your brow finish is very important. This is also the fun part, from a subtle sophisticated brow to super glamourous babe, your finish should suit your personality and style.

Five Star Rating at LYB Beauty

Laura Petherick

“I couldn’t recommend enough! I’ve been travelling to Lianne for months for HD brows and a lash lift and It’s so worth it! She deserves the best as she always gives hers .”

Five Star Rating at LYB Beauty

Chantelle-Rose Webb

“I had HD brows and LVL lashes done by Lianne and the results were amazing! Lianne is so welcoming and friendly and she really does ensure you get the best results. I’m in love with my lashes and eyebrows and I will definitely be going back, would highly recommend!!

Five Star Rating at LYB Beauty

Lauren Abigal

“Amazing service every time! Perfect HD Brows and lashes did for me just the way I like and at such a wicked price too! Highly recommend Lianne Xx”

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