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What are HD Brows?

Are you looking for HD Brows near Lichfield? They are much more than a basic wax and tint. We believe that brows are as individual as fingerprints, which is why every step of an HD Brow treatment is tailored and suited just for you.

Starting with a full consultation; tint colour match, ‘mapping’ out the brow, bespoke shaping with wax and thread, followed by overall grooming and trimming.

Finally, your brows will be pencilled or powered into your desired overall look with HD Brows award-winning products.

What is the Process of getting HD Brows?


First we will discuss what you would like to achieve, starting with colour, shape, and overall finish.


To maximise the fullness of your brows so the desired shape can be achieved, tint is applied to pick up all the little hairs that you can’t see. The colour is bespoken to your hair colour and skin tone. Whether you are blonde, red head, dark or ash, there is a colour to suit you.


The next and most important step is is designing the shape that is tailored to your bone structure, eye shape and overall look, as well as creating more symmetry. At LYB we use a method called ‘The Golden Ratio’, meaning correct proportion. The results will frame your face perfectly, while enhancing your best facial features.


To remove most of the hairs, your brows are then waxed into your new shape, creating clean fresh lines that give your brows definition.


Threading is used to remove an ‘fluffy’ hairs from your brows to your hairline, and around the brow area for a smooth finish.

Styling the brow

Any tweezing and trimming that is used to perfect the style of the brow, and for the  hairs to sit and stay in the new shape for easy maintenance.


Your brows will be filled in with either pencil or powder to finish the brow. Your skin might also be a little red so we will cover that up with mineral makeup and a pop of highlighter so you can leave looking and feeling fresh and ready to carry on your day.

HD Brows Before & After Tips


Before you attend your appointment, it is recommended you avoid any strong anti-aging products around the area for a few days before as it can make the skin sensitive to waxing.

If you do use a strong vitamin C which is a form of retinol/retinoid, please let us know before hand s a barrier can be applied on the skin. These questions will be asked during your consultation.

Please also avoid fake tan because this can affect the colour of the tint.


For the next 25hrs after your appointment, please avoid hot water and skin products on the brow area. Thus is because the skin is sensitive after waxing and threading.


The shape of your brow can either define or soften certain facial features.

If you have a round face, and your cheekbones and jawline is not as defined as Angelina Jolie, then you would suit a more structured brow with high definition with a nice obvious arch. This will create more structure to your face.


The colour of your brows is also very important and can make a huge difference to your overall look.

You can still have full, thick brows while keeping them very soft and natural. From lightening to Tinting, to Microblading and shading, there’re are endless amounts of tints and pigments that can be blended and tailored for your skin tone and hair colour.


Last but not least, the overall look and grooming!

With an up-brushed brow, to a full powder brow, your brow finish is very important. This is also the fun part, from a subtle sophisticated brow to super glamourous babe, your finish should suit your personality and style.

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How Long Does It Last?

The effects usually last between 4-6 weeks, however, this can vary depending on hair growth. After your first treatment, I can recommend how often you should be having them done.

I Have Sparse Brows, Will I Benefit from HD Brows?

Yes, I believe everybody will benefit from HD Brows. The tint will pick up all the little hairs that you didn’t know you had and the crisp lines created by the wax will create high definition and the illusion of a thicker brow.

I will work with you on a re-growth programme to achieve your desired shape. In the meantime, I will teach you how to draw them on until your hairs start to grow through.

If after a few appointments, you aren’t seeing any re-growth, or you still have big gaps, I will highly recommend microblading.


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How Long Does the Treatment take?

A full HD Brow takes 45 minutes, this includes your full consultation, makeup lesson on how to fill them in plus your aftercare information. For my regular clients who need regular grooming, I offer an Express Brow that takes 15 minutes.

How Old Do You Have to Be?

I have clients from the age of 13- 92. If you are under 16 you can’t have your brows tinted – don’t worry. You can still have the treatment done from the age of 13 (with your parental consent of course), however, we will just need to skip the tinting stage.

What is the difference between HD Brows and Hybrid Brows?

The only thing difference between an HD Brow and a hybrid tint at LYB is the tint that is used. An HD Brow tint only colours the hairs lasting around 4 weeks. A hybrid tint stains the skin, as well as the hair. The hybrid tint lasts on the skin from 7-10 days, and on the hair for 6 weeks

The hybrid tint treatment is called the BB Brow. Every step is the same as an HD Brow but with the hybrid tint. The time of the appointment is slightly longer due to the careful application of the hybrid tint, and the time it takes to develop. In some cases, another layer of tint might need to be applied depending on how your skin takes to the hybrid tint.


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Are HD Brows worth it?

Yes, HD Brows are worth it. The attention to detail and the bespoke design of the brows can completely change your face for the better

Let’s compare it to a quick tint and tidy up at a threading bar. They don’t map out the brow which can leave you with a wonky brow. It is possible that your face shape and eye shape aren’t considered, so your brows won’t compliment you and look strange. And the lack of tint shades can leave you with big scary dark slugs.

So yes, it’s worth every penny. Eyebrows frame 90% of your face. Choose your brow treatment and artist wisely because it can either be a disaster, or it can be the best thing you do.

As we all ay as professional brow artist….

“We don’t do £10 brows. We fix £10 brows.”

Do HD Brows suit everyone?

Absolutely! HD Brows is all about creating each brow to suit each individual client. From tint to shape and overall style, each step is tailored to suit YOU.

Do HD Brows look natural?

Yes, HD Brows can be a very subtle treatment. It all depends on what you desire. From blonde tint to black tint, and everything in between, the colour will only enhance your brows to match your overall look. The shape is mapped out to the ratio of your face, so every HD Brow is designed for each individual client based on their face shape, bone structure, an eye shape.

What should I avoid after HD Brows?

Please avoid hot water, skin products, makeup and fake tan for at least 24 hours. You might irritate the skin that has been waxed, and the tint and fake tan can mix into a green colour on the skin and hairs.