Business Start Up Guide

Some of the Key Steps You Need to Get Your Business Started.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

The journey to becoming an entrepreneur is unique and personal, but it often follows a series of common steps and experiences. Our Microblading course can help you turn your passion into a business, giving you the experience and skills needed to thrive.

How to set up a professional Microblading business

When you start a microblading business, there are a few things you must consider and plan before you begin. If you are starting a new career and feel overwhelmed with HOW you get started, then the information below is beneficial. Don’t let this stop you; everything and anything is possible, and I have added links for products and websites that will help you and guide you easily.

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Step 1 Register both yourself and your premises to your local council

Costs between £40 – £60

Although they can vary, the primary and most important requirements are below and can help you start setting up your business before the course starts.

1) All services, including floor, bed and working station, must be wipeable. No ridges, carpets, or too many items out on display.

2) You must have a sink nearby or in the room that is solely for the purpose of the treatment. F If you have a spare room you plan to turn into a beauty room, the plumbing work isn’t too expensive. However, there is an alternative, which is a portable sink from Amazon starting at £80. You can purchase a tap that provides hot water to attach. You can easily find these on Google, eBay and Amazon.

3) You need an accredited certificate to prove your qualification. All courses are accredited and insured by ABT at Love Your Brows so all insurance companies with recognise your certificate and you will be insurable.

4) Clinical waste – When using disposable blades and needles, they must be carefully placed in a sharps box, and the waste, such as the wipes and trays used during the treatment, must go into the clinical waste bin. Depending on how quickly you fill the bin and box will depend on how frequently you need it picked up. There are many companies that provide this service, so do your research and decide what works for you. This is the company I am registered to, and it costs £30 a month for monthly collections. They provide the box’s and bins, and change them monthly for this price.

Waste Management Services | Recycling | WasteManaged


Step 2 – Become Insured

If you are already in the beauty industry, your insurance will probably have Microblading as an add-on. The price will increase as soon as you add anything to do with piercing, tattooing, microneedling etc. This might not affect the price if you already do Botox, filler, or clinical facials.

I am with ABT, and once you have completed the course, they have kindly offered all my students a discount if you are insured through them.

Step 3 – Think about the equipment needed

Manifesting a successful career means telling the universe you are ready to start. Having everything set up as soon as you complete the course will make it so much easier for you to complete your case studies, and book in new clients.

Here is what you will need:

  • Wipeable floor and surfaces.
  • Lino or laminate flooring is the easiest and cheapest way to clean your floors. Remember no carpets.
  • Sink with hand soap and disposable hand towels.
  • Trolley or desk you will be working from.
  • A Treatment bed.
  • Disposable bed covers.
  • Disposable hand towels.
  • Sharps box and clinical waste bin.
  • Disposable gloves.
  • Disposable aprons.
  • Disinfecting spray or wipes.


Microblading Course Includes Practise on Models

There are lots of websites that provide equipment to semi-permanent makeup artists that I will send to you via email. They supply PPE, tools, equipment, and pigments under one roof. However, if you want to compare prices, such as disposable gloves and aprons, you might find a better price on Amazon.

Running a Microblading Business

Now you know more about the actual course, let’s talk business, starting with let’s some figures to see your potential earnings.

I won’t go into detail on how to grow your business here, that will all be revealed in the free E-book on ‘how to start your business’. The Ebook is to help you get started strong in terms of creating a brand, attracting your perfect clients and keeping them for life.

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