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Welcome to Love Your Brows where you will find the most high-end eyebrow treatments that are tailored and designed to suit YOU. Love your Brows is based in New Oscott, Birmingham, specialising in eyebrows and LVL Lashes.

Eyebrows have never been so important and for good reason too. Well-shaped eyebrows can literally transform your face giving you more confidence with minimal make-up. The reason why a good brow plays a huge part in your overall look is that they completely frame your face and can enhance your best features.

Lianne has been in the brow industry for over 10 years and can offer you a variety of brow treatments from HD Brows, Brow Lamination and Microblading. Love Your Brows can also offer you a gorgeous LVL Lash Lift to match your new and improved Brows, as well as the glamorous long-lasting lip blush treatment. Lip Blush has been around for years but with the newest techniques and stunning results, this treatment has become one of the ‘’must-have’ beauty treatments for everyday beauty.

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LYB Academy was launched in Summer 2020, offering you the most detailed, professional courses in the industry. All courses are accredited by ABT and are all 1-2-1 training to ensure you become the best brow artist you can be.

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Why eye brows are so important

Lianne - Love Your Brows


Eyebrows have never been so important, and with so many different treatments out there it can be very overwhelming knowing what’s best for you.

Lianne is an eyebrow queen and with over 8 years’ experience in all things eyebrows, you will find the perfect treatment for you. From an HD Brow to semi-permanent microblading you will achieve the brows you’ve always dreamed of.

Lianne is all about the natural look and focuses on creating the correct shape that will frame your face beautifully while enhancing your best facial features. With an HD Brow ‘Master stylist’ you will be getting the best of the best when it comes to precision, knowledge and experience. Find out why eyebrows are so important.

Along with eyebrows, you can also enjoy a gorgeous LVL Lash lift that compliments your new brows. Check out all the beauty packages for amazing offers and enjoy a lovely pamper.



The shape of your brow can either define or soften certain facial features.

If you have a round face, and your cheekbones and jawline is not as defined as Angelina Jolie, then you would suit a more structured brow with high definition with a nice obvious arch. This will create more structure to your face.


The colour of your brows is also very important and can make a huge difference to your overall look.

You can still have full, thick brows while keeping them very soft and natural. From lightening to Tinting, to Microblading and shading, there’re are endless amounts of tints and pigments that can be blended and tailored for your skin tone and hair colour.


Last but not least, the overall look and grooming!

With an up-brushed brow, to a full powder brow, your brow finish is very important. This is also the fun part, from a subtle sophisticated brow to super glamourous babe, your finish should suit your personality and style.